Clínica Dental Donostia | Orthodontics, a perfect smile
Clínica dental en pleno centro de Donostia-San Sebastián, aunamos todas las especialidades de la odontología moderna y tratamiento multidisciplinares
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Orthodontics, a perfect smile

Here are several reasons why we may not have a good position and / or relationship between the teeth. Some may refer to certain habits such as sucking the finger or interpose the tongue between the teeth before swallowing. Respiratory problems or genetic inheritance are also possible origins of malocclusion. Occlusion is the professional term used to refer to the way in which the teeth of the upper jaw fit and match with the teeth of the jaw when we bite or close our mouths. The malocclusion therefore refers to the alterations of an ideal occlusion.


A good occlusion and position of the teeth, provides many benefits: It protects the health and lengthens the life of the teeth. Improves chewing and therefore the digestive process.

It favors the aesthetics of our smile.

Facilitates oral hygiene, reducing the risk of suffering from periodontium