Clínica Dental Donostia | Clinic
Clínica dental en pleno centro de Donostia-San Sebastián, aunamos todas las especialidades de la odontología moderna y tratamiento multidisciplinares
Dentista en Donosti, dentista en Gipuzkoa, tratamientos odontológicos, clínica dental en Donosti
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Starting in 1975 with a small Dental Clinic located in Santesteban, Dr. Zubizarreta moved to the center of San Sebastian in 1977, expanding the practice in a unique environment. 


In 2014 Dr. Zubizarreta incorporated Drs. Exojo, Irisarri and Castellanos to his team, combining all the specilities of modern dentistry for the comfort of his patients and offering a multidisciplinary treatment in the same center. 


At present, it is Drs. Exojo and Irisarri who have taken over the generational change of the clinic of Dr. Zubizarreta, to continue caring and maintaining the oral health of their patients. After 40 years of profession we continue conserving the same principles: Quality, Care and Personalized attention to offer an unbeatable treatment applying avant-garde techniques. 


For this, we offer you a nearby and welcoming clinic located in Zaragoza Square number 1, San Sebastián (Guípuzcoa).